Moorside Community Primary School

Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is driven by our mission statement:

To go further than we thought possible.

To run faster than we hoped.

To reach higher than we dreamed.

To be the best that we can be.

This is achieved through 4 key ideas with pupils aiming to :

  1. To develop our body and minds: what we learn and how we learn it.
  2. To develop our heart and character: who we are.
  3. To develop our actions and attitudes: how we treat ourselves and others.
  4. To develop our sense of belonging: where we fit in in the world.

Each area of the curriculum is linked to these intent statements so that pupils are able to see how what they are learning in each subject links together to enable them to become well rounded individuals.

By the time they leave us all children, regardless of ability or background, will be confident and resilient lifelong learners who are ready to make positive contributions to our local community and the wider world. 


Curriculum Intent