Moorside Community Primary School

Inclusion and Family Support

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Our dedicated Inclusion Team identify and coordinate support to ensure that the individual, holistic needs of our children are met enabling all of our learners to flourish and achieve higher than they thought possible. Support is allocated in collaboration with parents, carers and outside agencies and provided not only for the child but their families too.

Children who require additional support receive this from both teaching and support staff in the classroom and also through targeted interventions. A variety of interventions are offered to support learning including targeted support sessions delivered by specialist teachers.  Many of our intervention programmes are guided by the expertise of external agencies that we work in close partnership with.

We recognise that the Social and Emotional development of our children is fundamental to learning. To support this we have a nurture room and committed Learning Mentor who works with identified children to help them to develop friendships, to build confidence and self esteem and to promote positive behaviour.   Our Learning Mentor is also a trained leader for the Pyramid Club which is ran as an after school club each term.   Pyramid clubs are aimed at children who are shy, quiet, anxious or who may be struggling with friendships.  These clubs have been found to be very effective in building the confidence and coping skills of this particular group of children, resulting in improved relationships with their peers and better participation and achievement in school.  Additionally, we offer a lunchtime homework club for children who may need a little extra support.

Our children’s needs, wishes and feelings are actively listened to. Our Key Stage One and Two children have access to a worry box this gives children an alternative way to disclose their concerns when they are unable to do so face-to-face. Any worries that are shared are promptly followed up by a member of staff and the child is supported through their concern. Supplementary to this, we have in place a key worker system.  Key workers are assigned to children who may require some extra social or emotional support. Our dedicated key workers speak with their child each day, giving them time to talk about any concerns or worries that they may have.

Regular attendance is paramount to a child’s learning and is promoted throughout the whole school. Children are awarded stickers each half term and certificates and trophies at the end of the year to celebrate good attendance.