Moorside Community Primary School

Eco Committee

Welcome to the Eco Committee page.

The Eco Committee has a member from each class from Year 2 to Year 6. The children were voted onto the committee by members of their class. They have been working very hard all year with Miss Kearsley towards the Eco Schools Award.  

The committee meet to talk about ways we can become involved in environmental issues both in school and the wider community.

They have been working hard across the school to raise awareness and challenge people’s thinking on important environmental topics. They have arranged the following:

-      An environmental review was conducted and an action plan produced

-      A whole school ‘Eco Week’ where the children learnt about all different eco matters such as; biodiversity, marine, littering, waste, energy and more. Children then shared all of their new learning with each other in a celebration assembly (see photos)

-      Letters have been written on important waste issues and have been given to the school kitchen staff and parents/carers to be addressed.

-      Competitions all about saving energy have been completed to raise awareness on this important issue for which we are all responsible

-      A hedgehog house for the forest area from the Morrison’s vouchers collected

The Eco Committee have more plans in the pipe line and are keen to secure the Eco Schools Award before the year is out.

Watch this space for more updates!


Eco Committee