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Extra-Curricular Activities

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Extra-Curricular Activities

We have worked hard over the years to develop the variety of extra-curricular activities on offer. All teachers, and many of our teaching assistants, run a club for at least a term. From time to time other clubs are staffed by specialists in sport, music and science. This allows us to offer around 50 different clubs throughout the year for our children.


Club places are allocated by the School Office. Please ensure you direct any enquiries about places to the office and not directly to the Teacher running the club as we may have waiting lists. Should your child be added to a club at a later date, we need to ensure they are also added to the club register in order that we can communicate with you in case of clubs being cancelled.

We are hopeful that our Extra-Curricular Clubs will be able to resume this year. Our next club list will be distributed during this half term.

An example club list

Girls FootballYr 5 & 6Monday
KS2 Board GamesYr 3, 4, 5 & 6Monday
KS1 Board GamesYr 1 & 2Monday
Fun with Food - Parent and ChildVariousTuesday
LKS2 ArtYr 3 & 4Wednesday
Gardening ClubYr 5 & 6Wednesday
KS1 Sewing ClubYr 1 & 2Wednesday
KS1 MusicYr 1 & 2Wednesday
KS1 ChoirYr 1 & 2Wednesday LUNCHTIME
NetballYr 5 & 6Wednesday
Parent & Child FitnessVariousWednesday
LKS2 DanceYr 3 & 4Thursday
Parent & Child YogaVariousThursday
Mountain BikingYr 6Thursday
KS2 ChoirYr 3, 4, 5 & 6Thursday
Boys FootballYr 6Friday
Great Big Dance OffTBCTBC


Extra-Curricular Activities