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This information is intended for parents who are interested in using our extended hour’s childcare facilities. It needs to be read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions which are outlined in the full Moorside Plus Prospectus, you can view a copy by using the link on this page. It outlines some key policies and procedures that parents need to be aware of and the expectations of children, parents and staff.


Parents are required to complete the registration forms and consent forms prior to a child starting at Moorside Plus, also payments for any of our sessions should be paid in advance on Parent Pay.

About Moorside Plus

Moorside Plus is run by Moorside Community Primary School and is situated in the Key Stage One Breakout Areas and the Main Hall. It is open to all children attending the school. We aim to provide high-quality, stimulating care in a safe and secure environment outside of school hours.

Moorside Plus Mornings will offer children

  • A healthy breakfast of fruit juice, cereal and toast.
  • A variety of fun and stimulating activities e.g. construction, puzzles, games etc.
  • Access to a quiet area for reading and relaxation.
  • A chance to socialise with other children.
  • A calm start to the school day.

Moorside Plus Afternoons will offer children

  • A wide variety of fun and stimulating activities e.g. construction, puzzles, table-top games, creative activities etc.
  • Access to outdoor play (weather and light permitting).
  • A healthy snack.
  • Access to a quiet area for reading and relaxation.
  • Support with homework if required.
  • A chance to socialise with other children.

Moorside Plus Holidays will offer children

  • A variety of fun and stimulating activities (as outlined in the other clubs)
  • Access to outdoor play
  • A healthy snack for the morning and the afternoon
  • Access to a quiet area (as outlined in the other clubs)
  • A chance to socialise with other children
  • Off site planned trips

Although children will be encouraged to take part in planned activities, they will also be able to choose freely to play with any of the equipment on offer at Moorside Plus.


All staff employed by Moorside Plus are interviewed to establish their suitability in compliance with the Children Act 1989 which includes an Enhanced Criminal Record Bureau Check. Staff will endeavour to maintain privacy and discretion in accordance with the school’s Confidentiality policy. Staff are kept up to date with new regulations and will have current relevant training on Child Protection, Equal Opportunities, Health and Safety, Food Hygiene, Behaviour Management and Fire Safety. Staff ratios are met as set out by Ofsted – National Day Care Standards for Out of School Care.


Moorside Plus is committed to providing a fair and open admission system that offers a good value service. The facility will only be open to children who attend Moorside Community Primary School. Available places will, in the first instance, be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis by contacting the Moorside Plus Manager, Sandra Andeou either in the morning/afternoon or by telephoning 0161 921 1295. If there are no vacancies then they will be placed on a waiting list. We will arrange our waiting list and take into account the following:

  • Siblings already attending the setting.
  • Staff wishing their children to attend the setting.
  • Number of sessions required.

Prior to the first admission to Moorside+, you will be asked to sign a copy of the terms and conditions and ensure that payment is made in advance of your child attending.

Drop-off and Pick-up

Children must be collected from Moorside Plus by an adult known to the staff and child. In the event of an unknown adult turning up to collect your child, we will telephone the parent to confirm the identity of the adult before we allow the child to leave however, in all cases parents must provide Moorside Plus staff with a password. Please remember the child is your responsibility until they enter our care. If you want confirmation of their safe arrival then you must ring us.

Moorside Plus Mornings

Children should be brought to the Year 2 Breakout Area in the Key Stage 1 playground (to the left of the main school reception office area) by a parent or known adult. They will walk to their classroom at 8.45am. Reception children will be taken to their classroom by a member of the Moorside Plus staff.

Moorside Plus Afternoons

Children in Reception, Key Stage 1 and Lower Key Stage 2 will be taken to Moorside Plus by a member of school staff. Children in Year 5 and 6 will make their own way to the provision directly from the classroom. A daily register will be completed. Each classroom is provided with a daily sheet to let them know which children are attending that evening.

Moorside Plus Holidays

Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian on the first morning so that we can check details with them. The collection procedures outlined above also apply to Moorside Plus Holidays .

Failure to Collect on Time

Please ensure your child is collected on time as fees are charged for late collection. The additional fee will be £5 per child for the first 15 minutes late and £5 per child for every 15 minutes thereafter. You must inform us if you are to be late (e.g. traffic hold-ups) as 30 minutes after the scheduled collection time, the following procedure will start.

  • Moorside Plus will ring the usual carer.
  • Moorside Plus will ring the emergency contact.
  • Moorside Plus will ring any other contacts given.

If there is no response following any of those attempts, Moorside Plus will contact the Social Services for further advice.

Administration of Medicine

The administration of medicines within the Moorside Plus setting follows the procedures outlined in the school’s Supporting Children with Medical Conditions Policy.

Hot weather

In hot weather parents are asked to provide sunscreen and sun hats for their children. Children will be encouraged to apply their own sunscreen but will be given support if they are unable to do so.

Food and Drink

The refreshments provided by Moorside Plus will be fresh and healthy. Parents must inform staff of any allergies a child may have to any food or drink. We will endeavour to accommodate specific dietary requirements a child may have, but if we are unable to do so we may ask a parent to provide food. Children will be required to bring a packed lunch to Moorside Plus Holidays.

Child Protection

The staff in Moorside Plus will follow the Child Protection and Safeguarding procedures as outlined in the school policies. The safety and well being of every child is paramount and will be the top priority of Moorside Plus at all times.


Children and staff will be expected to adhere to the school’s Behaviour Policy. Positive behaviour will be encouraged at all times and the consequences of unacceptable behaviour will be dealt with as outlined in the school’s Behaviour Policy.

Partnership with Parents

We are committed to working in partnership with parents and would encourage you to talk to the Moorside Plus Manager, Sandra Andreou if you have any comments to make about Moorside Plus or the care of your child. We operate an open door policy and you are welcome into Moorside Plus at any time.

Complaints Procedure

We are committed to providing high quality service for everyone but accept that occasionally things do not always go to plan and we would of course want to know of your concerns in order to try and rectify them. If you have a complaint about any aspect of Moorside Plus then please, in the first instance, speak to the Manager, Sandra Andreou. If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction at this point, then please contact Mrs Cooper or Mrs Kearsley, Deputy Headteachers at Moorside Community Primary School. Please see the school’s Complaints Procedure for further details.


A full copy of all the policies and procedures followed by Moorside Plus are available on the Policies page of the school website.

Fees and Opening Hours

The following conditions of payment apply:

  • All fees are payable in advance and must be paid via the ParentPay website (
  • All sessions booked must be paid for.
  • Fees are still due if the child is absent from school.
  • This ensures the place remains open for your child on their return.
  • The only exception would be if the school made the decision to close, E.g. due to bad weather.
  • Continued late payment of fees will result in your child’s place being withdrawn.
  • Additional fees will be charged for children not collected on time.
  • If any Moorside+ sessions are cancelled by the school then a full refund of the session(s) will be given.
  • Initial commitment to Moorside Plus is for a minimum of one term.


Club Times and Cost per session

Moorside Plus Morning Session

7.30am – 8.50am - Breakfast and drink £3.50

Moorside Plus Afternoon Session

3.15pm – 5.45pm - Drinks and snack £7.50

Moorside Plus Holidays (Full day only providing a minimum of 16 children attend)

8.15am – 5.30pm - Drinks, Mid-morning snack and Mid-afternoon snack £20

Please provide your child with a healthy packed lunch.


For booking's and enquiries please contact Sandra, Moorside Plus Manager, on 07493 399 626.