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Attendance Information for Parents

Attendance Matters

At Moorside Community Primary School we aim to fully develop the gifts and talents of each pupil.  In doing so, we also prepare children for life after school and into the future.  Attendance at school is a legal requirement and a crucial aspect in preparing for the future.

Illness and Medical Appointments

If a student is absent from school for any reason you should contact school on each day of the absence before 9am on 0161 808 0182.

Medical appointments are to be made outside of the school day where possible.  It is expected that pupils attend school before and after any appointments.


We ask all parents for their full support in ensuring that holidays are not taken during term time.  There are 175 non-school days every year to take holidays and arrange other family visits and activities.  Holiday requests will be unauthorised.


EYFS and KS1 classroom doors open at 8.45am, KS2 door opens at 8.40am.  All doors close at 9am.  If a pupil arrives after 9am they must enter school through the office; a reason for lateness is expected to be given.

Importance of Punctuality in students

·         Builds a more self-confident person

·         Punctuality builds successful students

·         Punctuality builds discipline from a young age

·         Punctuality builds strength of character

·         Punctuality helps build mutual respect

·         Punctuality shows you will be a dependable employee

School Procedure

If a pupil is persistently late to school a letter will be sent home in the first instance.  If the lateness continues, parents will be invited into school for a meeting to put a support plan in place.

Our school attendance target is 96%.  If a pupil falls below the target, a letter will be sent home advising parents and offering support to ensure the pupil is accessing education as much as possible.  If attendance does not improve a meeting will be held between school and parents to put an action plan together of ways attendance can be improved.

A local authority penalty notice can be sent to parents not supporting their child’s school attendance.


Important Contacts

Miss D Howarth

Safeguarding and Inclusions Officer


Mrs L Arrowsmith

Learning Mentor


Mrs L Dilworth

Learning Mentor