Moorside Community Primary School

The Rainbow Flag Award

Rainbow Flag Award

The Rainbow Flag Award is a quality assurance framework for schools, primary and secondary. Through a process of self-assessment and ongoing monitoring and feedback, schools will determine how well they are providing safe and supportive environments for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) students, taking a whole school approach. This year Moorside Primary school has applied to work towards achieving “The Rainbow Flag Award”.

The award will focus on six key areas:

  1. Red – Skilled teachers
  2. Orange – Supportive Governors and Parents
  3. Yellow – Effective policies
  4. Green – Inclusive Curriculum
  5. Blue – Pastoral Support
  6. Violet – Pupil Voice

At Moorside we feel that it is our duty to equip our children with the knowledge and skills they will need for life in modern day Britain, which is why we have applied to become a part of the award. We feel it is important to create a safe environment for any of our pupils, staff or families that may identify as LGBT and also provide positive education around LGBT topics.


If you would like further information or support, please contact school to speak to either Miss D. Howarth, Mrs M. Floodgate or Miss L. Drinkwater.

We are working in partnership with The Proud Trust, if you would like to explore their services please click the link:   

For further advice, information and support, please use the links on this page.

Mermaids Helpline

Support around gender identity/being trans.

Tel: 0844 334 0550

Mobile: 0344 334 0550