Moorside Community Primary School


SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)

Moorside Community Primary School is three-form entry, with a non-teaching Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCo), two Deputy Head Teachers, four Assistant Head Teachers (phase leaders) and an experienced Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

The SEND provision at Moorside is overseen by the link SEND Governor who forms part of the Governing Board (GB), Sue Featherston, whose role is to support the development of provision for all SEND pupils. For the academic year 2019 – 2020 we will have two additional staff members undertaking the NASENCo qualification.

The catchment area for Moorside has varied socio-economic roots and this is therefore reflected in the varied pupil intake. Over recent years the SLT have worked tirelessly to build and promote the success of the SEND provision at Moorside and as a result the number of SEND pupils now on roll has increased significantly, with around 30% of pupils on roll being either monitored as a SEND concern or forming part of the SEND register.

At Moorside, we endeavour to empower pupils, provide them with opportunities to develop and to enable them to flourish irrespective of their individual learning difficulties. This is done in consultation with The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Code of Practice, (COP), (2014), The Equality Act (2010), The Children and Families Act (2014), the Local Authority and correlating internal school policies.

Dyslexia Friendly School Status - March 2020

All staff have been working extremely hard to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our students in an inclusive, yet personalised way. As part of this pledge, we have been working towards becoming a Dyslexia Friendly school. This has been an ongoing process and has been achieved by Team Moorside successfully implementing strategies to support all pupils such as: 

  • Reducing visuals stress where possible (black writing on white paper)
  • Additional resources for all classes
  • A culture of inclusion and collaboration
  • Celebration of individual strengths
  • Positive promotion of individual differences
  • Reduces demand on pupils working memory
  • Resource banks for staff
  • Promotion of strategies to improve individuals processing capacity
  • Increased use of visual aids to reduce transference of information

Please see the link to the left hand side titled 'Results of accreditation February 2020' for our results.

This is an ongoing project, which will be reviewed in 2023, and throughout this period we endeavour to improve practices continually to ensure we meet the needs each pupil while they attend Moorside Primary School.

Many thanks to support from parents, pupils and staff who all helped to achieve this award.

Kind regards,

Miss. Hawkins, Miss Atherton and Miss Gunn

Dyslexia Friendly School Champions