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At Moorside Community Primary School, we aim to develop a sense of awe and wonder and believe that the teaching of Science develops an interest and curiosity about the world in which our children live.  We encourage our pupils to work scientifically through open-ended activities with an investigate approach.

Science in Key Stage One

Science in Key Stage One encourages pupils to experience and observe phenomena, looking more closely at the natural and humanly constructed world around them.  A ‘hands-on’, practical approach to Science allows our Year One children to see themselves as scientists. Through teacher-led topic-based Science lessons in class, our children are encouraged to explore and investigate independently.  The Science themes of plants; animals, including humans; every day materials; and seasonal changes are covered throughout the year, providing exciting learning opportunities which can be accessed independently.  Our out-door woodland areas are Scientifically explored during bug-hunting sessions and plant identification activities. 

In Year Two Science is taught through a termly topic; this provides a purpose for learning and enables children to apply Science to their every day lives. During the topic ‘The Great Fire of London’ pupils investigate materials and their properties, culminating in a spectacular recreation of a London burning.   Our Dinosaurs topic allows pupils to investigate living things and their habitats. We encourage our children to compare living things, fossils and inanimate objects to draw Scientific conclusions about their individual properties .The Science theme of plants is taught through the topic ‘Giants’  where pupils will be introduced to the requirements of plants for germination, growth and survival.  Children will be encouraged to work scientifically by observing and recording plant growth.

Science in Key Stage Two

Science in Key Stage Two is both engaging and enriching. In many lessons, children are encouraged to be responsible for their own learning by exploring the answers to questions through their own scientific investigations. Often, a lesson will begin or end with an open-ended practical task which is designed to get the children ‘thinking as scientists’.

A range of scientific topics are taught throughout the pupil’s journey through Key Stage Two, including ‘animals’ in Year Three, whereby children are made aware of habitats and how animals adapt and survive in their environment. In Year Four, children are invited to investigate the topic of sound in great depth. By the end of this particular unit, they will have explored how sound forms, how it travels and how it can be manipulated. A particularly popular topic in Year Five is ‘Earth and Space’. Last year, children followed the remarkable journey of Tim Peake as he completed his missions through space. 

By the time the children conclude their journey in Year Six, where their knowledge and skills are further enhanced, their scientific ability, curiosity and motivation to learn about the subject will be at its height. Pupils will leave Moorside prepared to embrace the challenges that greet them in high school.