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Key Stage 2 - Overview

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Settling In

We begin the process of welcoming children in to Key Stage Two whilst children are still in Key Stage One. Each half term, children from Year Two have the opportunity to visit Year Three, meet the staff and begin about any new routines. Children get a chance to see their new classrooms and meet staff then throughout the year.

At the end of the Summer term in Year Two, parents and children are invited to a ‘Welcome to Key Stage Two’ meeting to meet staff they will be working with and see their new classrooms and spaces  alongside their parents or carers.


Throughout Key Stage Two, children have an hour of English and Maths each day.

English lessons are based on the year group’s topic and the use of engaging texts. Staff work closely with each other to plan, ensuring consistency in teaching and learning across the three classes in each year group.

The importance of spelling and grammar is taught alongside reading and writing to foster a love of books and language. Children read daily in school through Guided Reading sessions.  Children also have the opportunity to listen to lots of stories for pleasure and enjoyment both inside and outside our daily English lessons.

Children are set for some skilled based work in Key Stage Two such as spelling. Children then are able to work at a pace and level best suited to their learning. This also gives children an opportunity to work with different staff and other children within their year group.

In English, children learn to write a variety of text types to show that writing has a real purpose and these are planned to inspire them as successful writers. 

Poetry also permeates our English curriculum. Children read and learn poems from classic to modern and comedic ones.


We work to ensure all children are confident in the foundations of mathematics first particularly in Years Three and Four  and as children begin to work with larger numbers they are taught written calculation methods to work alongside their range of mental methods. These calculations are shared at home in a parent booklet to facilitate parents helping children with their homework by using the same methods we are using in school.  Our continued and consistent maths teaching leads to each child becoming independent and having an  ability to apply their knowledge to achieve further than they thought possible in number, statistics, shape and measure.

Learning in Maths and English is consolidated through homework, which children complete weekly including My Maths which is a computer based homework task.

Other homework includes regular reading, spelling and more enquiry based tasks to support topics from time to time.

Through all this we emphasise the importance of solid and regular Maths and English learning and teaching alongside developing the whole child to prepare them for their later life.

Other Subjects

Each year group in Key Stage Two has a theme which runs through each half term, through which all other subjects are taught. These range from The Stone Age to World War Two, The Lake District to The Amazon Rainforest and The Pendle Witches to Crime and Punishment. Within these topics, children are further inspired by going on a number of trips each term to make their learning come to life. Children and staff love the trips; it’s the highlight of every half term.

Each half term a newsletter is sent to parents to let them know what we are studying and to encourage pupils to begin to find out what they can on their topic.

Not only do children take part in regular topic trips, but children in Key Stage Two are given opportunities to experience residential trips too. These range from a geography based residential in the Lake District to a cultural trip to  London and a number of outdoor adventurous residentials too.

The culture of Britain is shared in much of our work and topics in Key Stage Two. We encourage children to take an interest in what is happening around them from democracy and our Government to issues linked to the environment. We share and discover important British events such as royal birthdays and Remembrance Day which can often be seen in our display around school.

Children in Key Stage Two are Pupil Governors and work on projects to help our school’s role in the community such as collecting food for local food banks and selling Traidcraft products.