Moorside Community Primary School

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

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Moorside Primary School is an inclusive environment that caters for a variety of learners. Children to whom English is an additional language (EAL) receive specialist support from our staff to ensure they can access the National Curriculum.

As EAL children come into our school at different ages and abilities.  We individually tailor their learning to acknowledge factors such as:

  • A ‘silent period’, where the child may not verbally communicate as a response to being afraid of making mistakes in a new language
  • EAL children in the majority of cases are bilingual and need pre-teaching of subjects in order for them to fully understand and participate in lessons
  • EAL children make accelerated progress in their learning after a period of adjustment to a new life, culture and language

English lessons are offered to parents and carers to encourage families of EAL children to share the ‘learning journey’. This enables families to integrate into the school community and share the experiences of school life with each other.

Since the relocation of the school to a new site in 2013, there has been an increase in EAL children coming to Moorside Primary School. During this time, the pupils, staff and wider school community have replicated a multi-cultural hub of growth, shared experiences and respect.