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Early Years, Nursery & Reception

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Settling In

Transition from outside nurseries and schools into our Nursery class is thorough and we have many things in place to ensure transitions are as smooth as possible.  This includes an informative pack for every new parent including our Early Years prospectus, a social story and a parent information pack to help parents teach their child at home. Our staff visit all the local nurseries in order to build a healthy working relationship with them. Each child will be visited at home so we can discuss their progress confidentially if required. Stay and plays and parent meetings are also provided in the Summer term to give parents information about our school.

Planning in the Moment

In Nursery and Reception, the cycle of observation, assessment and planning is carried out on a moment-by-moment basis.  When children show high levels of involvement, that is when there is progress and development occurring – when the brain is at its most active.  High level involvement occurs most often when children are able to pursue their own interests in an enabling environment supported by skilled staff. Planning in the moment helps to make this possible. The staff will follow the children’s interests and take the learning forward on an individual basis.


Maths concepts and skills are taught through play. The environment has been developed to promote mathematical concepts such as counting, sorting, measuring, comparing quantities and pattern making. All maths concepts are taught through practical resources (such as Numicon) board games  and real life experiences.

Communication, Language and Literacy

As emergent writers, children make marks and symbols and tell us what it says. We value and encourage children’s mark making and encourage children to become aware of the link between the spoken and written word. Children have daily opportunities in school to develop this emergent writing and to use many writing tools, both inside and outside. We feel strongly that children need to be excited and want to write, so provide as often as possible, a purpose for writing. We teach the correct formation of each letter during our daily phonics sessions.

Looking at and sharing books with each other and adults are amongst the most highly valued activities in school, as are speaking and listening skills. Enjoyment of books is vital for the development of language and imagination and encourages children to want to read. These are exciting beginnings of reading.  We follow the Read Write Inc phonics scheme alongside Phase One phonics from the Letters and Sounds Scheme which develops listening and spoken language.  In Reception, we teach the graphemes at a rapid pace learning how to segment new words and form the letters correctly.

Understanding the World

We will encourage your child to use our class ICT equipment and programmes in an open ended way. There are a number of computers for children's use that are available every day, as well as developing mouse and other computing skills. We also encourage children to use the hardware for a variety of purposes and to identify technology in their home environment.

We will take the children out into the local environment so they can learn about their world through exciting, real-life situations. We visit the park, the shop, the garage and many other places that interest the children or we have visitors come into school to share their experiences with them. The children have a weekly play session in our woods which enables them to learn about all aspects of nature and the weather.