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The Story Telling Project is something that we are all extremely proud of. 

It was originally initiated in 2014 by Mrs. Robinson, our previous reading lead, after she saw how fascinated her own children were when hearing stories from their grandparents.

Mrs. Robinson contacted Revered Ruth Watson at the United Reformed Church, hoping that there would be some elderly parishioners happy to hear our pupils read and share stories of their own childhoods, and this is where our story begins.

What started as 7 volunteers has grown rapidly to at least 22.  Our pupils really enjoy going to the Church to read. Louise in Year 5 said, "I enjoyed it very much. I would go and read there every day if I could!"

The children are encouraged to read whatever they like, wanting them to love what they read. The children have to read with their best storytelling voices which enables them to practise all their best reading skills. All these skills are vital to the teaching and learning of reading in the National Curriculum.

Not only do the children benefit from practising their reading skills, they also love listening to the stories about the parishioner’s childhoods. Reverend Ruth says, "There is an anticipation of fun on the children's arrival and a groan of disappointment when they have to leave...This Project has brightened up the lives of many in the local church, and the community." The church swiftly becomes filled with the happy chattering of the children and the parishioners, all enjoying each other's company; from spontaneous hymn singing or chatting about football to reciting poetry the Moorside children have experienced it all.

Mrs Ann Scott, one of the Reading volunteers commented, "It is a pleasure to listen to the delightful, well behaved children who each told their stories with enthusiasm and feeling". Mr Bill Lomax said "I suppose we oldies are a sort of living history book to them. Altogether, this is a great learning experience for young and old..."

The relationship between the parishioners and the school has also grown. Many of the parishioners now come and hear the children read at school. To show how delighted and grateful for their support the parishioners were honorary guests at the school's opening ceremony of its Key Stage One Library.

The children look forward to going to read at the church, and all involved hope this will continue to grow and that community relationships flourish. As Lewis, said; "It was absolutely amazing, there is now a huge commotion about going to read at the church!"

Our project has been so successful infact, that our wonderful volunteers have been nominated for the 'Pride of Salford'.


Story Telling Project